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Sat, Aug 20


Lilleoru + Tallinn

VIP TICKET - Full Naoli's experience, all 3 days, both workshops - 399€

The ticket will include participation in all 3 days in the two workshops: * 20/8 16-20:30 "Mexican Postpartum and Temazcal ceremony" * 21-22/8 9-18:00 "The Art of Birth with the Mexican Rebozo" NB! Limited places available at this price. This offer ends 19/8! Secure your spot already today!

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VIP TICKET - Full Naoli's experience, all 3 days, both workshops - 399€
VIP TICKET - Full Naoli's experience, all 3 days, both workshops - 399€

Time & Location

Aug 20, 2022, 4:00 PM GMT+3 – Aug 22, 2022, 6:00 PM GMT+3

Lilleoru + Tallinn, Harju County, Estonia

Event details

"The commitment of the people to be together from the beginning to the end is good and right in the end and it will create the energy of the flow and spontaneity of the workshop.

My workshops are just like births, we can never know exactly what day and in what way we will learn everything. The only thing that is guaranteed is that we will leave the workshop as new, reborn, after we have explored and developed many concepts about ourselves and our work with childbirth and with women giving birth. The schedule of the workshop is open for flexibility and spontaneity because that's how each workshop is unique and special! I invite all participants to come with anticipation and commitment, with openness to learn much more than just about the birth!"      Naoli

Your VIP Ticket includes all 3 days with Naoli:

❤️ 20/8/2022 - evening workshop "Mexican Postpartum and Temazcal Ceremony"

The workshop begins with the introduction of Mexican Postpartum and is followed by Temazcal sweat lodge ceremony.

We will meet at 4PM in Elulille (Flower of Life park) visitor parking lot from where we will walk together to the ceremony place. Please arrive on time.

The sweat lodge ceremony will be held on the small island of the lake Amrita. You can use the lake beach, dip in the lake, swim and refresh after the ceremony. No additional showers available.

If you wish to explore the exceptional Flower of Life park laid out according to sacred geometry, you may come to Lilleoru earlier and enjoy the magic of this place. There is a yoga retreat held in Lilleoru during that time and not all buildings may be open to visit. A guided tour may be organised upon requests, please let us know of your wishes.


For Temazcal, please bring:

Swimming suit or bikini if you wish

Cloth to tie around your body and to sit on in the sweat lodge


Changing clothes / warm clothes or blanket (weather-permitting we are mostly outside in the nature)

Yoga/organic-fiber mat to do the rebozo closing on /  to sit on

A Rebozo or more than one if you have (it is also possible to buy a Rebozo on place)

!! 2 objects, such as stones or crystals: one to absorb the energies you want to dispose of and the other one to be charged with vital energy to take back home with you.

We will provide:


Herbal tea

Light fruits


The workshop topics will be combined from Naoli's signature workshop "Mexican Postpartum".

Mexican postpartum traditions and rituals have been celebrated for centuries and are dedicated to caring for new mothers with the purpose of uplifting and soothing her body as well as her spirit. The rituals offer a new mother the opportunity to come back to herself, massaging, cleansing, purifying, relaxing and closing her body in a soothing and special way, with gratitude towards her as the source of life that she is.  ​Naoli’s Mexican Postpartum workshop is designed for all birth providers, offering understanding on both traditional and contemporary Mexican cosmology regarding the postpartum period as it is practiced in Mexico by rural midwives.

This workshop will prove specially interesting to birth professionals such as midwives, doulas, massage therapists, body workers, childbirth educators and any feminine soul interested in deepening their understanding on these topics or who may wish to offer this special and effective care for women in the postpartum period.  Newborn mothers are very welcome to support their personal transitions and deep healings after birth.



16:00 Meetup in Lilleoru, Flower of Life visitor parking lot

16:30-17:15 Mexican postpartum theory

17.15-19:00 Temazcal ceremony

19:00-20:30 Closing of the Bones hands-on practice


Certificate: You will receive a certificate for attending the Workshop


❗️ Please note the sweat lodge is not suitable for pregnant women. If you are a doula or midwife wishing to participate for learning and experience purposes while pregnant, please consider you may not have a full Temazcal experience and closing of the bones treatment yourself. 

If you have any health concerns related to prolonged exposure to high temperatures in a confined space, please assess your ability and endurance to take part in the sweat lodge rituals. Consuming water, keeping yourself well hydrated is very important.

The Temazcal offers a gentle, supported, intimate space. Aside from the spirituality of the temazcal ritual, there are proven physical benefits. Temazcales have been known to accelerate metabolism, eliminate toxins in the body, cleanse the respiratory tract and digestive system, regulate the nervous and circulatory systems, aid in gynecological problems, and even achieve a state of homeostasis of the body. The real work, however, is the soul work. The Temazcal can help boost energy, alleviate depression and relieve stress. In the postpartum period, the Temazcal is utilized to warm the body once again—reheating the uterus, which is exposed to cold during labor—helping the body to repair more rapidly and completely. The postpartum Temazcal is to give support to women, new mothers, to listen them, to release any pain they may feel: pain in the body, in the breasts, in the soul.

Be ready for an unforgettable experience to open, release and receive. ❤️

❤️ 21-22/8/2022 - 2 day workshop "The Art of Birth with the Mexical Rebozo"

The workshop will include the essentials of the Art of Birth, some challenging births, and their resolution with the use of the Rebozo - a perfect combination of interrelated topics derived from the following Naoli's signature workshops, creating a special 2-day immersion program:

"The Art of Birth" Immersion course for women and birth workers interested in deepening their knowledge and understanding of diverse processes surrounding birth, from practical, intuitive and spiritual approaches to birth, to the use of Mexican rebozo. The art of accompanying birth is profoundly dependent on our understanding of our own sexuality, conception, a child’s life experience and the female perspective on all levels. Participants will be able to return to their birth practices possibly more enriched, nurtured and with new skills to apply.

"Challenging births"

Birth is a physiological event for which all beings are usually well prepared (in body, mind and spirit, of both mother and baby), however, in a small percentage of cases (10-15% according to the World Health Organization), it becomes essential to deliver special expert and wise care by the midwife or other professional assisting the birth. In these potentially critical situations, there are special techniques and practices upon which the mother's and baby's survival and health can depend. Vital, healthy and thriving mothers and babies are always a joyous celebration and, even though it is not always in our hands to control the outcome of a birth, it is of vital importance to count on knowledge and tools to invite life to stay and flourish.

"Rebozo for Birth" The workshop has evolved from Naoli's 35+ years of experience as a home-birth midwife, applying and evolving this practice into a fine art of amazing practicality. The use of Rebozo for soothing, embracing and relaxing pregnant and birthing mothers, for preventing and solving childbirth difficulties as well as for the Mexican postpartum rituals will be the topics covered. Naoli's midwifery work with over 1700 births has given her ample opportunity to creatively solve many home birth challenges. From this, she has developed her own specialized original Rebozo birth techniques.

❤️ Possibility to buy your own original, hand-made, cotton Mexican Rebozo at the workshop!​ ❤️

❤️ If there are pregnant women in the retreat, we can paint their bellies :) ❤️


This workshop is recommended for midwives, nurses, doctors, doulas, therapists, childbirth educators, mothers/mothers-to-be and any feminine soul interested in deepening their understanding on these topics.

Birth practitioners can open up their scope of understanding on birth physiology and to review, practice and upgrade their skills in the prevention and resolution of birth challenges.

Birth professionals working at home or within the medical system will be able to benefit, bringing new tools and understanding into their practice.


Schedule for both days:

8:30-9:00 meet and greet with a cup of tea

9:00-12:30 morning session

12:30-14:30 lunch break

14:30-18:00 afternoon session


Certificate: You will receive a certificate for attending the 2 Day Workshop


Cancellation Policy: 

The workshop fee is non-refundable. You may send someone in your place or check with the organiser to see if there is a waiting list and someone can take your place. Should you be sick, have an accident or personal crisis or simply can not attend the event for whatever reason on the day of the workshop, no money will be refunded, but your registration or no show can be applied towards a future-like workshop. If you leave the workshop early for any reason no part of your registration fee will be returned or applied to another workshop. Should you cancel or not show up for the rescheduled workshop for whatever reason, no further arrangements will be made. If Naoli is unable to teach the workshop live in person or online, she will try to first reschedule the workshop and you will have the option of attending the catch up workshop or have your money fully refunded.

Covid contingency and cancellation due to emergency:  Naoli has had all 3 Covid vaccines and went through COVID-19 in early 2022. In the unlikely event of testing positive before the workshop, Naoli will teach online from her accommodations, to avoid having to cancel the event. The event will not be cancelled and the workshop will be presented on a projector at the venue. You will be refunded 20% of the booking fee and this will be processed within 4 weeks after the workshop.


  • VIP Ticket - 3 days

    The ticket includes all 3 days with Naoli, 2 workshops from 20th to 22th of August 2022: - Introduction to Mexican Postpartum and the Temazcal sweat lodge Ceremony (price includes water, herbal tea and light fruits) - The Art of Birth with the Mexican Rebozo (price includes tea/coffee/fruits and lunch both days)

    Sale ended



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